Hansen, James Wallace Sr. [2096]

Fathers fathers fathers father: Jeppe Severin Brinch Hansen [1920] (Abt. 1766-1839)
Fathers fathers fathers mother: Cathrine Dorthea Justdatter Oppenhagen [1921] (1759-1853)
Fathers fathers mothers father: Gregers Michelsen [2083] (-)
Fathers fathers mothers mother: Mette Cahtrine Pedersdatter Windelboe [2082] (1772-)
Fathers mothers fathers father: Gierman Nielsen [8934] (1769-1851)
Fathers mothers fathers mother: Eleonore Elise Dröhse [8947] (1766-1823)
Fathers mothers mothers father: Laurs Hansen [8945] (Abt. 1781-)
Fathers mothers mothers mother: Kirstine Jørgensdatter [8946] ()
Mothers fathers fathers father:
Mothers fathers fathers mother:
Mothers fathers mothers father:
Mothers fathers mothers mother:
Mothers mothers fathers father:
Mothers mothers fathers mother:
Mothers mothers mothers father:
Mothers mothers mothers mother:
Fathers fathers father: Andreas Oppenhagen Hansen [1924] (1795-1880)
Fathers fathers mother:
Bodil Kirstine Gregersen [1931] (1799-1863)
Fathers mothers father: Michel Giermandsen Dröhse [2240] (1801-)
Fathers mothers mother: Abelone Laursdatter [2241] (1806-)
Mothers fathers father:
Mothers fathers mother:
Mothers mothers father:
Mothers mothers mother: Sarah Ann Young Knight Farrel [2263] (-)
Fathers father:
Severin Oppenhagen Hansen [1932] (1834-1905)
Fathers mother: Eleonore Lovise Kjerstine Dröhse [1933] (1844-1876)
Mothers father:
William Wallace Johnson Sr. [2094]
Mothers mother:
Violette Jane Knight [2095] (1858-1911)
Otto Severin Hansen [1934] (1870-1951)
Ellen B. Johnson [2093] (1882-1934)

James Wallace Hansen Sr. [2096] (1913-1976)


  • James Wallace Hansen Sr. was the great x2 grandson of my great x4 grandparents
  • James worked as an Auto Mechanic, Golf Pro, Railroad Clerk over his lifetime. He was the proud father of two sons and one daughter
  • He was in the Civilian Conservation Corps Oct. 27, 1933 – Mar. 6, 1934 
  • He served in the United States Army: Honorable Discharge, Private in the 35th Signal Company. 35th Infantry Division. October 29, 1941, Camp Robinson, Arkansas

Enlistment Date: 23 Dec 1940
Enlistment State: Kansas
Enlistment City: Kansas City
Branch: Signal Corps
Branch Code: Signal Corps
Grade: Private First Class
Grade Code: Private First Class
Component: National Guard (Officers, Warrant Officers, and Enlisted Men)
Source: National Guard
Education: 4 years of high school
Marital Status: Single, without dependents
Height: 6-6
Weight: 135

  • Honorable Discharge from the Reserve Corps, December 31, 1942:

Date of Entry into active service: October 12, 1943 Honorable Discharge..Corporal..405th Bombardment Squadron..Separation Center, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas..October 23, 1945. Reinlisted Oct 23, 1945 and was Honorable Discharged on October 22, 1948. Airplane Mechanic (Tec 4) and Carbine Marksman Good Conduct Medal, Distinguished Unit Badge Philippine Liberation Ribbon with 1 Star As Airplane Mechanic he served from Oct. 1943 to Oct. 1945 in United States, New Guinea, Biak, Morotai, Philippines and Okinawa. As assistant crew chief inspected and repaired all units of B-25 bombers. Supervised and instructed airplane mechanics. Kept records and made reports daily.


    • Born: 27 Jan. 1913, Rosedale, Wyandotte County, Kansas, USA
    • Baptised: 4th Oct. 1925 by Elder Gust. A. Kallstrom, and confirmed a member of the CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS Oct. 4th 1925 by Elder Claud. A. Boots. Independence District, Central States Mission.
    • Marriage: 21 May 1942, Olathe, Johnson Co.,  Kansas, USA. James married Mary Margaret Thompson [2145]. Mary was born May 9th 1921 in Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas, USA and died Mar. 26th 2001 in Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas, USA.

James Wallace Hansen, 29 married Mary Margaret Thompson,, 21, daughter of William Thompson [2146] and Mary Caudill [2147] in the Probate Court of Johnson County, Kansas, (City, Olathe). Dorothy Kellogg was the Probate Judge, pro tem. May 21, 1942. 

    • Children:
      • James Wallace Hansen Jr. [2245]
      • Harry Robert Hansen [2246]
      • Mary Helen Hansen [2247], b. 1946 (See image below for relationship)
    • Death: 13 Oct. 1976, Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas, USA
    • Burial:


  • Correspondance with Mary Helen Hansen [2247], daughter of James Wallace Hansen Sr.
Or is it 4th cousins once removed?