Emmertsen, Knud [10215] in English

Fathers fathers father: Friederich Emertsen [11167] (1718-1784)
Fathers fathers mother: Anne Nielsdatter Stæhr [11168] (1733-1803)
Fathers mothers father: Morten Laursen Holst [11169] (1739-1776)
Fathers mothers mother: Mette Berthelsdatter [11170] (1723-1795)
Mothers fathers father: Jørgen (Jensen) Bruus [11178] (1705-1787)
Mothers fathers mother: Inger Sørensdatter [11179] (Ca.1710-1787)
Mothers mothers father: Søren Jørgensen Hornbæk [11605] (-)
Mothers mothers mother: Karen Andersdatter [11606] (-)
Fathers father: Emert Friederichsen [11165] (1759-1795)
Fathers mother: Mette Kirstine Mortensdatter [11166] (1765-1803)
Mothers father: Knud Jørgensen Bruus [11175] (1757-abt. 1836)
Mothers mother: Inger Sørensdatter [11176] (1768-abt. 1836)
Father: Emmert Emmertsen [10216] (1796-1840)
Mother: Kiersten Knudsdatter [10217] (1799-1851)

Knud Emmertsen [10215] (1829-1909)


  • In the US he was known as Knud Bruce Emmertsen
  • Knuds familysearch page: https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person/24BS-5PX
  • See the descendants of Jens Bruus and more on this page: Bruus, Jens [11192] Descendants
  • On this page, I have included a large part of his family and descendants. It’s possible that I will make family charts for some of the families later.
  • There is no clear indication as to why Knud Emmertsen was baptised in Thorsager, Øster Lisbjerg, Randers. He was born in Fårup [Faarup], Nørhald, Randers. (See image below). What was the reason? Did the pastor serve 2 parishes at the same time?
  • Knud Emmertsens occupation: Snedker og tømrer (carpenter, joiner and wright).
  • Knud Emmertsen and his family name may well be the reason that my fathers mothers brother was baptised Emmerth, and the reason for my fathers middle name, Emmerth.
  • Knud Emmertsen was married to a sister of my Great grandfather (fathers mothers father), Johanne Marie Pedersdatter [1981].
  • That this family moved to the USA is likely the reason that my fathers mothers father Anders Pedersen [101] (Johanne’s brother) applied for, and was granted citizenship of USA (New York) in 1875.
  • The family names of the children changes in the censuses below, because the Danish name law was changed around 1856 from patronymes to regular family names. This law however, was not followed in full consequence all over the country until much later. Furthermore, Knud added a “Bruce” as a middle name in the US (to Knud Bruce Emmertsen), possibly due to the Americans not being too familiar with the name Knud, and perhaps because his grandfather on his mother’s side was named Knud Bruus Jørgensen, but this is guesswork on my side. It seems the entire family changed surname from Knudsen to Emmertsen between 1860 and 1870 (see censuses).
Knud was born in Fårup, Nørhald Herred, but baptised in Thorsager, Øster Lisbjerg Herred for reasons unknown to me.
  • Census 1834: Faarup Bye, Thorsager, Øster Lisbjerg, Randers, en Gaard:
    Emmert Emmertsen, male, 38, b.1796, married, farmer
    Kisten Knudsdatter. female, 35, b.1799, married, his Wife
    Mette Kirstine Emmertsdatter, female, 11, b.1823, unmarried, (child)
    Inger Emmertsdatter, female, 9, b.1825, unmarried, (child)
    Knud Emmertsen, male, 5, b.1829, unmarried, (child)
    Emmert Emmertsen, male, 3, b.1831, unmarried, (child)
    Johanne Christoffersdatter, female, 22, b.1812, unmarried, servant
  • Census 1845: Skrejrup city, Bregnet Sogn, Øster Lisbjerg, Randers
    Niels Moesmand, 32, married, born here in the parish, farmer
    Sidse Andersdatter, 29, married, born here in the parish, his Wife
    Mette Nielsdatter, 6, their children
    Birthe Kirstine Nielsdatter, 3, their children
    Dorthea Nielsdatter, 1, their children
    Rasmus Nielsen, 29, unmarired, born in Hvilsager Sogn, servant
    Knud Emmertsen, 16, unmarried, born here in the parish, servant
    Anne Kirstine Jansdatter, 25, ugift, born in ? parish, servant
  • Census 1850: Bregnet Sogn, Øster Lisbjerg, Randers
    Knud Emmertsen, 21, Unmarried, Thorsager Sogn, hired hand [at farmer Niels Pedersens farm in Bjødstrup]
  • Census-1860: Skanderborg, Hjelmslev, Veng, Nørre Vissing
    Knud Emmertsen, 31, married, Carpenter, wright, joiner, b. Torsager S., Randers A.
    Johanne Marie Pedersd., 32, married, his Wife, b. here in the parish
    Emmert Knudsen, 5, unmarried, [their son], b. here in the parish
    Jens Peter Knudsen, 3, ugift, [their son], [b. here in the parish]
    Maren Knudsen, 1, unmarried, [their daughter], [b. here in the parish]
  • Advertisement in Aarhus Amtstidende 21 Feb. 1868:
    Huus tilsalg i Sønder-Galten. Et 6-Fags Egebindingsværks Huus med Beboelseslejlighed og Snedkerværksted, samt 2 Haver, kan faaes tilkjøbs paa meget billige Vilkaar. Knud Emmertsen, Snedker
    Translation: House for sale in Sønder-Galten. A 6-bay Oakbinding Works house with a residential apartment and a carpentry shop, as well as 2 gardens, can be purchased on very cheap terms. Knud Emmertsen, Carpenter

    What is a 6-Bay Oakbinding house? See explamation here
The auction in Galten mentioned below
  • Image above: 28 Apr. 1868, Auction i Galten over Huus og Løsøre
    Tirsdagen, den 5te Mai førstk. (førstkommende), om Eftermiddagen Kl. 2, lader Knud Emmertsen – paa Grund af Udvandring – ved offentlig Auction bortsælge det ham tilhørende Huus paa 6 Fag med Grund og Have i Galten, skyldsat under Matr. Nr. 11h for Hartkorn 3/4 Alb (?), – Umiddelbart efterat Huset er solgt vil endvidere blive forauctioneret Rekvirentens Indbo, Kjøkkentøi, forskjellige Redskaber, 2 Kakkelovne og 2 Høvlebænke med Tilbehør. Auctionen afholdes paa Eiendommen, som agtes solgt, og Conditionerne for Salget ere forinden til Eftersyn hos Fuldmægtig Jespersen i Aarhuus.
    Hasle m. fl. Herreders Contoir, den 20de April 1868. P. Lunn.
    Translation: Tuesday, the 5th of May first. (coming), in the afternoon at. 2, Knud Emmertsen – on the grounds of emigration – at a public auction sells the property of a 6-Bay house with grounds and garden in Galten, owed under Matr. No. 11h for Hartkorn 3/4 Alb (?), – Immediately after the house is sold the Requestor’s Home contents, Kitchen utensils, various Utensils, 2 Tiling ovens and 2 Planer benches with Accessories will also be auctioned. The auction is being held on the property, which is to be sold, and the conditions for the sale are presented for inspection at Clerk Jespersens Office in Aarhuus.
    Hasle et al. Herreders Contoir, April 20, 1868. P. Lunn.
  • Census-1870: Århus Købstads Sogn, Hasle, Århus, Nørrebrogade 33
    Knud Emmertsen, M, 40, married, Thorsager Randers, Head, Master Carpenter
    Johanne Emmertsen, F, 41, married, Veng Skanderborg, Housewife
    Emmert Emmertsen, M, 14, married, Veng Skanderborg, Child
    Jens Peter Emmertsen, M, 12, unmarried, Veng Skanderborg, Child
    Maren Emmertsen, F, 10, unmarried, Veng Skanderborg, Child (Identical to Mary Mires)
    Kirsten Emmertsen, F, 5,unmarried , Veng Skanderborg, Child
  • 24 Sept. 1890:
    Polygamy Manifesto was issued. (Pres. Wilford Woodruff manifested that plural marriage for LDS Saints was no longer allowed, dated 24 Sept. 1890). After this, all wives of Mormons except one (the first?) had to part with the husband.


  • Birth: 24 Mar. 1829, Fårup [Faarup], Nørhald, Randers
  • Baptism: 17 Maj 1829, Thorsager, Øster Lisbjerg, Randers
    Ægte, 1829, Født 24 Martii, Døbt 17 Maj, Knud EmmertsenForældrene: Gård? Emmert Emmertsen i Faarup og Kone Kirsten Knudsdatter
    Baaren af Gudmor? Mads Pedersens Kone Maren Knudsdatter fra Stabrand [Nødager Sogn, Djurs Sønder Herred, Randers Amt]Testes: ? Rasmus Andersen, ? Niels Ugelbølle og Poul Jensen, alle af Faarup.
    Born in marriage, 1829, born 24 Mar. bapt. 17 May, Knud Emmertsen
    Parents: Farmer? Emmert Emmertsen in Faarup and Wife Kisten Knudsdatter
    Carried by Godmother? Mads Pedersens Wife Maren Knudsdatter of Stabrand [Nødager Sogn, Djurs Sønder Herred, Randers Amt]
    Witnesses: ? Rasmus Andersen, ? Niels Ugelbølle and Poul Jensen, all from Faarup
    [NB! The above mentioned Mads Pedersen, “Mads Pedersens Wife” is not Johanne Marie Pedersdatters grandfather by the same name]
  • Vaccination: Knud was vaccinated for smallpox in 1832, like a sister, Inger Emmertsdatter: https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/3:1:3QS7-L9Z6-KZ9K?i=276
  • Confirmation: 1843
  • Meeting with Mormons: November 1844 in Denmark, according to his memoirs
  • Marriage: 18 Feb. 1855, Kattrup Kirke, Kattrup, Voer, Skanderborg to Johanne Marie Pedersdatter [1981], a daughter of Peder Madsen [141] and Maren Jensdatter [142]. Johanne Marie was born 31 Aug, 1828, Nørre Vissing, Veng, Hjelmslev, Skanderborg, baptised 7 Sep. 1828 in Veng, Hjelmslev, Skanderborg, and died of old age as a widow on 2 Mar. 1919 in Ogden or Huntsville, Weber Co., Utah, buried 5 Mar. 1919 in Huntsville Cemetary, Utah, plot 6-1-8. She was a sister to my great grandfather, Anders Pedersen [101].

Ungkarl Knud Emmertsen tjenende paa Neder Hovedgaard, 26 Aar, født i Faarup 24 Marts 1829. vacc. 2 Aug. 1832 af Nave?, confirm. 1843 i Thorsager Kirke.
Pigen Johanne Marie Pedersd. tjenende paa Neder Hovedgaard, 26 Aar, født i Wissing 31 August 1828; confirm. i Wenge Kirke 1843.
Forloverne: Stephan Voigt, Carl Jensen.

  • Baptism in the Mormon faith: 8 June 1864
  • Emigration: The family decided to move to the USA, which happened in 1876 according to his death certificate, and the Scandinavia Mission Emigration Records, 1852-1920 (https://www.familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:WWN9-ZKW2):
    Name: Knud Emmertsen
    Event Type: Emigration
    Event Date: 7 Sep 1876
    Event Place: Århus, Denmark
    Event Place (Original): Aarhus
    Gender: Male
    Age: 47
    Birth Year (Estimated): 1829
    Birthplace: Faarup, Denmark
    Ship Name: Wyoming
    Document Number: 34
    Family Number: 1096
    Entry Number: 1064
    File Number: 1064
    Volume: F

    GS Film Number: 25696
    Digital Folder Number: 004479215. The family (#27) would likely have arrived in Hull a few days later. This is the image from the link (Image Number: 00526
    This Record: “Scandinavia, Mission Emigration Records, 1852-1920,” database, FamilySearch (https://familysearch.org/ark:/61903/1:1:WWN9-ZKW2 : 11 July 2019), Knud Emmertsen, 7 Sep 1876; citing Emigration, Århus, Denmark, {record.getField(‘SOURCE_DOCUMENT_NBR’)}, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Family History Department, Salt Lake City; FHL microfilm 25,696.

    The family of five travel from Copenhagen, Denmark to Hull, England, on board the steamer Cameo, 8 Sept. 1876: https://saintsbysea.lib.byu.edu/scandinavia/voyage/9

Maren Knudsen was entered as a foster daughter. She was 11 years old and no foster daughter. Her age seems incorrect, as she was born in 1860.
Maria Emmertsen, also 11, was correctly entered as a daughter, but she may be Kirsten Marie Emmertsen b. 2 Apr. 1864.
Jens Peter Emmertsen was 19, entered as a son.
Johanne Emmertsen, 47, was entered as a wife.
Knud Emmertsen, also 47, was entered as a farm owner.
(A big thanks to Shauna C. Anderson for this info). See the below image.

Knud and Johanne Marie’s son, Emmert Emmertsen moved to Utah the next year, as he departed for England aboard the bark “Argo” on 21 June 1877. He was unmarried at the time.

The passenger list of the “Cameo”
The passenger list of the “Wyoming”
Correction: Jens Peders wife Inger Marie Thomsen was not traveling with them, and they were most likely married around 2 months after this journey.
The “Marie Eureneitsen” and the “Maria Knudsen” are surely Kirsten Marie Emmertsen and Maren Emmertsen/Knudsen, daughters of Knud and Johanne Marie, but I am not 100% sure who is who. But I do know that Kirsten Marie b. 1864 was on the same ship (https://saintsbysea.lib.byu.edu/scandinavia/passenger/3157)
The ship “Wyoming” that brought the family from England to the USA
  • Knuds 2nd Wife: Christiane Jensen (or Madsen – parents and birthplace unknown) [10238] (1852-1924). They had several children:
    • Christina Emmertson [11627]
    • Emma Emmertson [10239], born 27 July 1883, died 11 Feb. 1927 of acute bronchitis, married to Rasmus Rasmussen [10240]
    • Inga Christina Emmertson [11628]. Inga Crystina (or Christina) Emmertsen was born on 14 Nov. 1886 in Hunstville, Weber, UT, USA to Knud Bruce Emmertsen (1829-1909) and Christiana Jensen/Madsen. See also https://www.familysearch.org/photos/artifacts/15465690). She married Thomas Mills [11698], and had a daughter with him, Frances Lenore Mills [11699]. Thomas Mills’ obituary. Frances Lenore’s obituary.
    • Noah Emmertson [11629], died around 1891 in Huntsville, Utah
  • Knuds arrest order was issued on 6 April 1887 for u.c. (unlawful cohabitation = having more than one wife, namely Johanne Marie Pedersdatter and Christina Jensen/Madsen) according to the Edmunds law, and he was arrested 23 May 1888 by US Marshal Frank H. Dyer and Deputy H.E. Steel. The case files from the National Archives Catalog are here. (Witnesses examined before the grand jury were Jens Peter Emmertsen, Christina Jensen, Johanne M. Emmertsen, and Maren Emmertsen aka Mary Mires). Why he was arrested for u.c. before the presidential manifest, I have no idea.
Knud Emmertsen arrested 1887
Knud Emmertsen discharged. This clipping is from Dec. 21st 1887, issued in the Church chronology : a record of important events pertaining to the history of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints by Andrew Jenson
  • 24 Sept. 1890: Polygamy Manifesto was issued. (Pres. Wilford Woodruff manifested that plural marriage for LDS Saints was no longer allowed, dated 24 Sept. 1890). After this, all wives of Mormons except one (the first?) had to part with the husband.
  • Dead: 25 Jun. 1909, Huntsville Cemetary, Huntsville, Weber Co., Utah, USA.He died of emphysema and senility.
  • Buried: 29 Jun. 1909, Huntsville Cemetary, Huntsville, Weber Co., Utah, USA
Knuds obituary in the newspaper The Ogden Standard, Sat. June 26 1909. The blind wife who outlived him must be Johanne Marie, as the Polygamy Manifesto was issued in 1890, so I assume his marriage to Christina Jensen/Madsen had already been annulled.
Knuds and Johanne Maries gravestone