My mother’s mother’s father’s mother Marie Sophie Elisabeth Grelle
My mother’s mother’s father’s father Johann Eduard Julius Just Hansen
My mother’s mother’s father Edmund Marius Severin Hansen
My mother’s mother’s mother Marie Petersson
Svend August Herbst and Marie Viola Iris around probably 1927
My mother’s mother Marie Viola Iris Hansen
(August Herbst, his 2nd wife and two of his children, perhaps the 2 oldest. As suggested above, this must be after 1924 when his 1st wife died)
My mother’s father’s father August Herbst
My mother’s father’s mother Anna Margrethe Sofie Christensen
My mother’s father Svend August Herbst
My mother Alice 15 years old in 1942
The last photo I took of Mom and Dad, probably from 2011.
Mom and Dad at their 25th wedding anniversary in 1972. When Mom passed in 2012, they had been married for more than 65 years.
Mom and Dads wedding photo from August 15th 1947
My Dad 6 years old. We all cried like babies when we found what his mother had written on the back side of this photo (taken in 1932): “My dear, beloved, precious Boy! I pray to God, that he will hold his hand over you and bless you all days. Thousand kisses and loving greetings from Mother. June 12th 1938.”
She passed when he was 15, in Dec. 1941.
Our family, approximately 1963
This is how I looked in 1953, fat and happy
Me, 12 or 13 years old
This is how I looked in 1973
This is how I looked in 2019
Visiting my Mom and Dad on Skovsgårdsvej 55 in Nakskov with our German friends Thomas and Petra. The “vehicle” was a Citroen 2CV “Dolly” in which we toured Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Austria and Hungary. The photo was taken in the late 1980’es.
Me and my beloved son Rasmus, summer of 1994. He was simply adorable.
Rasmus is ready for baptism, August 1994, carried by my wife
My son, Rasmus 4½ years old. So cute 🙂
Rasmus 7 years old
Rasmus 9 years old. Impossible to not love him…
Rasmus around 20 years old, about 2014