Min arv (2013)

Lykken er at vide
når tiden går på hæld
at livets første side
af hjertes kildevæld
til overflod var drægtigt
med kærlighed og lykke
en følelse så mægtig
jeg lader livet smykke


Inside my heart are you
like a lark in the sky
singing a beautiful song
hovering above
far above the wounds
created by mistaken love
mistaken and misunderstood
not even this song
can heal a bleeding heart

The double warrior 

You smile and laugh
but I know the pain in your eyes
You care and nurture
but I see the scars on your soul
You love
but I feel your bleeding heart
You fight
but I watch your enemies multiplying
You cry
and I comfort you
Can two broken hearts become one whole?

Come, o come

The spirits above are puzzled and distraught
Like us they have dreams of unity and love
For eons they have hoped and thought
that we would know their dreams above

Why will they not fully understand?
Giving themselves up to shallowness and hate!
Why will so very few join our sacred band?
Sealing theirs, and indeed the world’s fate

We, the spirits forever walk with love,
and so should every living man!
Come, o come, and be with us above!
Now as always, I know you can!

Dark eyes

Like a midsummer night’s sky
your eyes promise faith
and love yet unseen
Their darkness like a soft, warm breeze
are cuddling my freezing soul
wrapping me in hopes
of a beautiful tomorrow


You are my sister, my brother
my mother or father,
my daughter or son
my fellow human
I love the child
that lives inside your heart.
Your tears are my tears
your pain is mine
Your loss or sorrow
I feel like if it is my own
I wish you would recognize
the feelings in my heart
and what I long for


Tears that emerge from
immense pleasure
extreme joy
heart breaking sorrow
excrutiating pain
compassion or long lost love
All just look like tears


The herald of morning
sings his serenade
in the misty sunlight
high in the sky, invisible
Spider’s webs hanging still
burdened by the tiny droplets
of shiny dew in the silent morning
A deer tiptoes into a glade
in the nearby forest, watching,
noticing the wind direction,
listening, shy,
careful neither to be seen
nor heard
A new dawn has begun

One to a million

Oh, you warrior of this world
love is thy only weapon
Yet you stand against fists and hatred
The battle seems endless
Hope is your single hope
We can only watch in awe
and trust you be the victor


In the vicinity
of our wishes
there are unborn lights
reaching out with
their tender dreams
seeking to bring
balance of powers
and harmony
Hopes of entities beyond
our visions
In the highest
they eagerly await
our embrace

Blue trapezes

Street lights on my bed
trapeze shapes on faded covers
Night is young, yet so old
A humming of mixed noises
enters from outside the walls
of my self-created prison
Smoke blurs my vision
of the blueish shapes
while the night keeps peeling
layer after layer off my soul

Little angel Taylor

Traces of your life
much too short
carved into the ones
left behind
You gave your love
and your life
Now angels stand
by your side
holding your hand
Your happiness complete
once again
With your soft wings
you dry you mama’s
weeping eyes
One sweet day
she will once again
hold you close
and tell you
how much she loves you

True blue

If honesty was honest
and truth was true
then love would be lovely
and blue would be new

White paper of my lives
Tangled and blurry are the faces
of my past selves
weary hearts gone by
half a lifetime spent
on growing up
the other with amends

Out the window, down the drain
into boxes, it depends
shadows still are standing
needing less and knowing more
If trails were not that deep
and endings not so close

The warrior of love

I know a heart
softer than a baby’s lips
fragile as a rose petal
yet stronger than steel
No army can defeat
the heart I know
No emotion will ever harden
the heart I know
No enemy will corrupt
the heart I know
I will never leave behind
the heart I love


We, the lucky ones
with emotional and physical scars
with losses beyond imagination
that tear us apart in distress

The lucky ones, who have lost all
Family, children, limbs and fortune
eyesight, hearing and senses
What have we been promised?

With broken hearts
and no hopes for the future
With nowhere to go but down
We still have life

Little knots

Ragged hopes stiched together
with the short threads of my love
Little blue knots are my last resort

The scars of youth

Long lost youth
with hopes as high as the stars
it made me feel pure love
for which I was never ready

Time has matured me
but never healed me
of my long lost years
my butterfly youth

Were those the times
that offered so many promises
and kept none, my butterfly youth?
A dream I have not forgotten


People who can love their family
who can become quiet watching the sunset
who can cry over the death of a pet

People who can feel the spring inside
who can see the miracle in a newborn baby
who can put their life at risk to save a stranger

People who can be feel pride of their children
who can hold a dying friend’s hand
who can believe in God

What makes them able to corrupt themselves
for power or money?

What makes them capable of inflicting pain
or death on other beings?


The heart in my chest feels lonely
in need of a sweetheart
someone I can care for, shower with love
Does she exist at all?

The eyes in my head see lost horizons
in human’s choices, hearts out of reach
Makes me sad, but still I don’t want to know them
They will only make me cry

They all see what is not me, untrue
Mine is the honesty, the caring
I chose my heart, not my body
not my face

If they love, they love the perishable
Not the everlasting, the soul
Who do they think I am?
The soul or the body?

You, the purpose of my life
are throwing away your own
in what you prefer
while time takes it’s toll on mine

Poem for a friend’s friend

Your departure has darkened my world,
my mind
Did I tell you I loved you?
Did you hear?
Only one person were you,
but a most appreciated one

By the side of angels,
you stand in glory
Do they tell you they love you?
Do you hear?
A special person were you
and a strongly missed one

An angel you are,
may you forgive the wrongs
in life
The pain and the hardships
They’re all over
A very bright light are you,
a very beautiful one

The last resort

When my days turn grey
and the sun closes it’s heavenly eye on me
I will seek amongst the grains of my time
behind the walls of consciousness
I will let out my last streak of light
and shine it on you
feel your colours glow to guide me
my spirit twin beyond

Eternal Haiku birds

two busy sparrows
feeding two hungry sparrows
growing up to be

Path for the mind

Is the path paved with gravel and sharp-edged pebbles,
leave the rose petals bestrewn for your foe.
At the end of the day you will find
the distance you walked has hurt your feet, but benefitted your mind.
Your feet will heel, but your mind will never grow on rose petals;
when they were out, they strew the thorns on the last yard.

Essay on the feeble-minded ace

Today, having no fears or regrets
yet, fearing my regrets every day.
How did fear step into my life
with his companion?
Did I invite fear by regretting?
Did I welcome regrets through my fears?
I do regret regretting
and I fear fearing, but who am I to fear?
Who am I to regret?
No one cares or replies, so
am I a fool or a genius?


Oh, those eyes of emerald satin!
See me, swallow me, own me, want me!
I wish to be seen, consumed, owned and had!
Oh, hands of gentle sweetness!
Caress me, hold me, yank me nearer to you!
Don’t you see I am yearning?
Longing? Wishing? Dying?
Lying face down hiding my tears?
Oh, kiss me! Bring me back to life
with the magic touch of rosy lips
on my dying, drying mouth
that whispers your name

A forbidden dream

Voices from deep within us
speak of biemotional tenderness
of belonging to each other
with silky veils of distance
separating us forever
soft but impenetrable
opaque like a wall of bricks
Yet I feel your softness
your heat, your longing
held back by facts of sadness
of an unwanted reality
and of fulfilling the jigsaw puzzle
we make together
incompatible lives dreaming
the forbidden dream
of meeting in the sweet sunrise
of two souls, two hearts
our hearts


Connected through a silver string
my body’s maintainer of life
follows me like a misty shadow
It is the bearer of my arms
the keeper of my chest
the guardian of my love
and lustful body
It is my master and pupil
my center and my edge
my reason and my outcome
my core, my trunk and fruit
The logs in my fire
the flame devouring itself
and the smoke rising above
The music inside my head
and the instrument playing
the notes on winged sheets
the conductor and the band
The glue and the only clue
to the mystery of life


Trees whisper in the night
lazy waves speak of distant shores
the eye of the moon watches all
that happens in the dusk
anchored below ground
providing songs for the living
and silence for the dead

In dreams

The night tip-toes in
the temperature is falling
and the moon slowly emerges
from behind a dark blue
carpet of clouds
My mind tunes in itself
ready to submerge
into the soft cotton abyss
of painless, silent escape
into the land where a no is a look
and a yes is a nod of the head
or a smile, but more than a perhaps
into the land of kept promises
into a world of possibles
of strange mixes and no goodbyes
of an unknown train station
in your new back yard
of cars you never owned
of ages never lost
of no time and obligation
where the dead are alive
for a short breath
or is it I who have died
for one short moment?


Like a sparrow on a perch
awaiting frostless nights
like the sun
waiting for it’s last flame
like an old man
facing death
like a mother whale
looking for her young
like man
hoping for future peace
must I endure time passing
watching and waiting
patiently for you

Beach walk

Mist rolls in from the ocean
while lazy waves blur my footprints
erase them for eternity
I discover a tiny piece of wood
struggling the waves
an orange box or a brigantine
riding the sea
calmly, elegantly?
An egg from a Port Jackson shark
floats by my toes
tickles me, caressing me
I wonder where he is
Smaller footprints have made a path
crossing mine, now erased
I wonder where she is

Now and forever

The back of your hand
brushes gently against my chin
a semi-visible smile appears in your eyes
your red lips form a kiss
sent into the hot, humid air between us
it drifts away, but leaves me hungry for more
I hold your head between the palms of my hands
wanting you to know
to be certain, to feel
to realize I want you
body and soul
hard and gentle
now and forever


Weaved into the winds of my mind
are wonders of yet unseen beauty
unparalleled mysteries
grey-green eyes that sway above me
seeing no shadows in my mind
but merely the light
nurturing and feeding it
adding to the colours
that shine for your sweetness


     LOVE    LOVE
  LOVE           LOVE
    LOVE       LOVE
     LOVE     LOVE
      LOVE   LOVE
       LOVE LOVE


inside your eyes
pierces my defense walls
breaks down my hardened

of myself as
the controller

but weak in my rigidity
in avoiding your

soft light


Eyes focused, razorsharp
the hawk rests on a dead branch
secure, foeless, fearless
observing, hunting

Memory of youth

Oh, years of childhood
of bright eyes and open mind
of playful times and easy choices
my wings of innocence
Where did you go?


your voice is honey
your words music
your eyes candy colored kisses
your hands are angel wings
soft, soothing, comforting
but you are in another world
and I can never reach you
like snow in the desert
like a rainbow, a fata morgana
forever will I be without
your voice
your words
your eyes
your hands
a mirror image of you
lives inside my heart


In the night your whisper feels like fog rolling in from the ocean,
your footsteps like impressions of eternity in the sand of my mind,
slow and deep, your breath like waves gently caressing the shores
of my soul, your eyes like starshine reaching deep, deep within me,
piercing my mind’s eye, like ancient wisdom reading me out loud,
washing out of my system my innermost secrets, carving my thoughts
on the trunk of the future, I am… powerless


The colour white
Is my intent
The colour yellow
Is my glow
The colour gold
Is my wish
The colour red
Is my love
The colour purple
Is my loin
The colour blue
Is my awakening
The colour green
Is my hope
The colour black
Is the sound of goodbye


I was in love
You were a flirt
I was in love
You played games
I was in love
You were precious
I waited
You tortured me
I went sad
You backed away
I cried
You went silent
I ended it
You were surprised
I hurt
I hurt
I hurt
I hurt
I hurt…


like dew on a spider’s web
we cling to safety
or what we believe it to be
being thousands of tiny droplets
we make no effort
take no journey
fall on no thirsty grounds
give nourishment to nothing
but evaporate into thin air
transforming into clouds
that sail away
for no purpose
no purpose at all
except creating dew

The present of being

you think what you want
you want what you need
you need what you see
you see what you desire
you desire what you expect
you expect what you deserve
you deserve what you are
you are what you think

Queen of hearts

I see you in my dreams
touch your hand
conquer your heart
where are you?
who are you?
if you knew my heart
my yearning, my endless love
you would be by my side
happy, spoiled
how can you be satisfied
with somebody less loving?
my love, if you knew
my heart
my yearning
my endless love


Spirit of Lupus
Gentle eyes and leather paws
Your family is ancient
So many of your brothers
murdered by mine
yet you hold no grudge
against me
Wisdom thy name is Wolf
Your law is pure and clean
Faithfulness is your gift to us
May love be our gift to you


On my August skies
people float by
like grey clouds
obscuring the sun
or carrying a shower
I let them flow by
and soon my skies
will again be blue
and reveal to you
my summer aura
my summer love


your tongue causes a current
in my muscles
in my head
like a lightning striking an old branch
pouring into it the source of youth
the power of renewed life
love being born into me
like a baby
lustfully, I repeat your name
while you make wet traces on my
moaning goose bumps
my shivering limbs


Like tears of happiness
love wells up in my heart
Like butterflies in the spring
love flutters in my heart

This and that

Your irises
Your soft curves
Your dimples
Your armpits
Your feet
Your ears
Your behind
Your hand
Your navel
Your lips
Your tongue tip
Your calves
Your nipples
Your eternal temptations


The air is clear and cool
Heaven is black
Your outline is blurred
The stars are in your eyes
The heat from your hand emerges in mine
The sound of your voice is smiling
A gleam unfolds in the coolness around your body
I heat up inside
I love you

Soul mirrored

Behind the beautiful mirror of the eye
hides a soul
But it cannot hide a thing
as the eye is the mirror of the soul


Whisper I Love You
Take my hand
Walk with me
Hear the music of love
in my ear
in my heart
See my colours
Feel my emotions bursting
Play me like a violin
a duet of sweetness
a harmony for two
Pluck my strings
Tune in on me
and tune me in
to the soothing melody
you are to me
Whisper I Love You
and let me whisper to you
I love you

A universal prayer

Springtime whirls in the air
promising, lifting
Buds are swelling
Sprouts fight their way upwards
Birds tell the same tale
of new life and hard work
of everlasting repetition
A universal prayer
To some a sad ending, to others
a new beginning
fulfilling the law
of eternal balance

Colours vanished

Has anyone seen blue?
It disappeared from the sky
when I lost faith in love
Has anyone seen green?
It disappeared from the leaves
when she flirted with another guy
Has anyone seen red?
It disappeared from my blood
when I lost the one I loved
Has anyone seen yellow?
It disappeared from the sun
when my heart was broken


In the light, yet shaded
On the water, but dry footed
Smiling although unamused
Awake, but far from alert
Feeling, yet numb
alive, but still unloved
Stand I, silent, mindless
Wondering which path
your desire will take
if not the peaks
of my undeclared,
my unwanted love
for you, only for you


Wonderful girl
your wet soft center
is calling
offering promises
of myriads of shooting stars
of exploding ecstacies


Swiftly, swiftly come kiss me
for I am withering
Gently, gently come lift me
for I am falling
Take me to your meadows
and show me your heart’s bloom
Come, pollinate my yearning
and let me tell you a tale
of the images of my dreams


Parents, have you told your children
how much you love them?
Have you hugged them today?
Have your hand gently stroken
a shoulder, a cheek, a hand?
Have you kissed them today?

Children, have you told your parents
how much you love them?
Have you hugged them today?
Have your hand gently stroken
a shoulder, cheek, a hand?
Have you kissed them today?

People, have you asked your neighbour
How are you today?
Have you carried her bags of groceries?
Have your smile gently stroken
the back of her eyes?
Have you shown your true self?

Misleader, have you said you’re sorry?
Have you opened up and bared your soul?
Taken the risk of being honest?
Told your fears and sorrows?
Shown your vulnerability?
Promised to be true?

Mislead, have you said it’s OK?
I understand, don’t think about it?
You had your reasons?
I love you just the same?
Have you forgiven?

One day your loved ones are gone
for always out of reach
and you will never again
be able to stroke them gently
be able to kiss them goodbye
be able to say I love you!

my son

my flesh and blood
my love for you
is bigger than anything
you are a miracle
you are my son

I love you

I love you for your words
I love you for who you are
I love you for your acceptance
I love you for your thoughts
I love you for your eyes that see
I love you for your smile that comforts me through cyberspace
I love you for your intellect
I love you for being
I love you for being great
I love you for being love itself
I love you because you are rare
I love you because I can’t help it
I love you because
I love you

In this world

How can there be a God
in a world where children are killed
and people suffer?

How can there be a God
in a world where animals are tortured
and skinned alive?

How can there be a God
who allows children to lose their parents
and parents to lose their children?

Angel on Earth

Spread your wings
let free your velvet soul
expand it’s embrace
send up your soft energy
to the skies
Lead your silk love
beyond the highs
Shine your white light
on the halls of eternity

Do you feel the touch
of my gentle soul?
Do you wish for
the caress of my love?
Do you know
my yearning for you?
Do you count
the tears on my pillow?
Hear the love song in my eyes?

The treasure inside

you discard me after a quick glance
i am not young, strong or big enough
thus i carry my gold in the heart
but you don’t care for my gold
you care for silver linings
covering hollow shells
you don’t know, can’t see, won’t have
the gold in my heart
my soul aches for true eyes
that will carry my gold
wings that will fly with me
hands that will long for mine
a soul that will read
the writing in my eyes
the carvings in my soul
the traces of pain
written in my heart
in gold


My mind is dizzy
I watch you move
you excite me
create a tickle inside
narrows my focus
the world loses it’s meaning
I can see only you
I want only you
I care for nothing
for nobody else
but you and your moves
that are so enticing

Pieces of my heart

Scattered all over the universe,
hiding blurry names carved into them,
holding fading dreams of loving moments,
of eyes that are now watching others,
minds occupied elsewhere,
of hands caressing strange hands
and lips kissing unknown lips,
of bodies trembling with lust,
are pieces of my heart
seeking away from this loneliness,
embracing it’s splintered mirror images
on the path of endurance and love

Will my hands ever caress yours?
My lips meet yours in a velvet kiss?
Will the pieces of my heart heal
and once again be content,
focused on the one and only,
the purpose of my life?
Will my eyes ever cast their loving spell
capturing your love and devotion,
your soul I am yearning for,
your eyes, face, body, your lips,
your heart I have lost forever and would die for?

To someone I have loved beyond comparison

Feeling the endless warmth of your sweet heart
and the unparallelled beauty of your divine soul
my inside turns soft, hot and multi-coloured
expanding like a newborn universe

My heart is flooded with compassion
about to burst, longing only to be yours forever
My present for you and you alone
pure and unconditional

You have taken my breath away
and swept me off my feet
The magnitude of my love is unmeasurable
Offering it to you is my one and only option


to mean something to someone
and at the same time
be insignificant

to be able to make a difference
and at the next moment
be gone and forgotten

to love another person
more than life itself

a paradox
an eternal truth

Inside her heart

Her bright face shines with love
She looks at you and smile
You smile back – just courtesy
She smiles again, warm and loving
You decide she is not pretty enough for you
Not beautiful, young or slim enough
Or maybe she’s just not your type

Take a look inside her heart
See the abundance of love
Consider her commitment
Her heart whispers soft words to you
Her eyes send you rays from heaven
You turn around and go on with your stuff
Oh, how we hurt those we so easily could love

For a nature child

Dolphin whisperess – come whisper softly in my ears…
Honey bear of my hopes – let your gentle paw touch my heart…
Snow butterfly of my blind dreams – rest your wings in my sunlight…
Creature of the Paradise Valley – release your heat on me…
Pursued spirit of many colours – find a safe nest in my company…
Soul of the ancient people – adjoin me in my quest for your secret…

A thirsty ride

Love is like a magic well
and life is a magic journey
We must drink the water
and enjoy the ride

The well will flow
throughout the universe
but the journey will end only
when the ride has satiated you
and taught you the secrets
about the magic well

Have a blessed ride and quench your thirst!

To the special one

Your eyes are poems of life
reflecting true warmth, spicy temper
food to my soul and fantasies

Your smile is an innocent girl’s
conceived by the joys of childhood
yet matured into sweet joie de vivre

Your soul is a radiant glow
of colours I feel, but have never seen
shining brightly in the darkness of my world

The beauty of your eyes
The love in your smile
The heat of your soul

The ache in my heart

Urge to myself

Body dance! Let your movements do magic and turn into a love present beyond any resistability for the cutest girl in your rapidly expanding universe!
Voice sing! Let your melodies turn into kisses of soft butterfly wings and guide them to the sweetest lips of eternity!
Heart bloom! Let your blossoms turn into a thousand rivers of love and lead them into the softest and innermost center of the most beautiful of souls!
Soul emerge! Let your colours turn into sweet tenderness for the kindest of hearts in the infinite infinity!
Love flow! Let your true spirit turn into everlasting bonds of friendship and compassion, boundless and unbreakable for the wonder of the most wonderful of angels of all times!


life is a loving gift
the greatest of all
an obligation
a demand
but makes us capable of everything
brings laughter
weeping and sorrow too
love for closed doors
and for the memories

My path

In silent dreams I travel
on colourful parallels of life
move without moving
see without watching
touch without feeling
the strange and mysterious scenarios
of my inside-out mind

Myspace forest

Be a tree, a willow,
blossoming with knowledge.
Let the breeze of friendship
pollinate thy neighbours with love,
carrying the sweetest of scents
and accept their pollination
to make this forest grow strong and beautiful
so the weeds will be supplanted,
and we will all greet the seedlings welcome!


A seed has been sown in me
Have my words been wasted?
Or are you the one I wish you to be?
Can words change anyone?
I have got to alter my eyes
so they will see what I want to see
I have got to shape my ears
so they will hear what I want to hear
I have got to move my keys
so they will write what I want to write
I have got to shake my brain
so it will think what I want to think
or bite the worm of truth in half
in the juicy apple you’re offering me

Mists of my sleep

The sweet morning breezes
sweeps my mind
blurs my imaginary dream
of a world with no borders
A vast society of oneness
of love and brotherhood
of souls joining hands
in the country of no name
Eradicated, extinguished
my dream of love
was a dreamer’s dream
swept away by the morning breezes

In the moment

I am free and untied
You are all my family
Descending from the same cells
Are we brothers and sisters?
Or are we enemies?
Ask your heart and listen
to the waves inside
to the breeze inside
to the flame inside
to the longing inside your soul


someone else can hold your hand in his
feel the loving touch of your eyes
feel the warm pulsation of your aura
with his
explore the lines in your face
taste the saltiness of your skin
your hot springs
bursting in ecstasy
feel the intimacy of your embrace
be one with you
in the lazy afterswells

You, my dream

my fingertips caress your face
you awake
and stretch half asleep
you smile
my hearts skips a beat
with pride and joy
your eyes peek out of narrow cracks
I kiss you gently
but you turn into a blurry image
slowly disappearing before my eyes
I wipe away a tear
and go back to sleep


Incredible poems! well crafted poems… that accentuate the stitches of mortality and personal experience…they capture the pain and joy and weave emotion with words!! Great work Keld! Love it!

I cry through most of your beautiful poems,
It was so difficult to pick just one,
I feel your heart,
I admire your talent,
I respect the man that you are,
What a privilege, to be a friend,
to such a man…
there are many males walking around this wounded world,
…but so few…
….real men, with such a heart as yours
your friend,

Really good poetry here. I can only DREAM of expressing myself as well as you do! Good to see you’re checking in more now.

your poetry is awesome and even more so when one realizes that english is your second language. you have the language and the spelling mastered better than some of the people i know that english is their only language. when are you going to publish a book with your poetry? i would buy the book for sure! but of course i would expect my copy to be personally signed by the author.
Twisted Princess