Emmertsen (Knudsen), Maren [10220] in English

Fathers fathers father: Emmert Friederichsen [11165] (1759-1795)
Fathers fathers mother: Mette Kirstine Mortensdatter [11166] (1765-1803)
Fathers mothers father: Knud Jørgensen Bruus [11175] (1757-)
Fathers mothers mother: Inger Sørensdatter [11176] (1766-1830)
Mothers fathers father: Mads Pedersen [146] (1776-1846)
Mothers fathers mother: Johanne Andersdatter [147] (1776-1851)
Mothers mothers father: Jens Rasmussen [5436]
Mothers mothers mother: Karen Andersdatter [5437]
Fathers father: Emmert Emmertsen [10216] (1796-1840)
Fathers mother: Kiersten Knudsdatter [10217] (1799-1851)
Mothers father: Peder Madsen [141] (1800-1887)
Mothers mother: Maren Jensdatter [142] (Ca. 1797-1887)
Father: Knud Emmertsen [10215] (1829-1909)
Mother: Johanne Marie Pedersdatter [1981] (1828 – 1919)

Maren (Knudsen) Emmertsen [10220] (1860-1925)


  • Marens familysearch page: https://www.familysearch.org/tree/person/KWJJ-DLY
  • Marens entire family (father, mother and siblings) changed their last name from Knudsen to Emmertsen between 1860 and 1870, due to the change in the name law some years earlier, canceling the previous patronymous last names.
  • In the US, Maren was known as Mary Mires nee Emmertson.
  • Census-1860: Skanderborg, Hjelmslev, Veng, Nørre Vissing
    Knud Emmertsen, 31, married, Carpenter, wright, joiner, Torsager S., Randers A.
    Johanne Marie Pedersd., 32, married, his Wife, here in the parish
    Emmert Knudsen, 5, unmarried, [their son], here in the parish
    Jens Peter Knudsen, 3, ugift, [their son], [here in the parish]
    Maren Knudsen, 1, unmarried, [their daughter], [here in the parish]


    • Birth: 8 Jan. 1860 in Nr. Vissing, Veng Sogn, Hjelmslev Herred, Skanderborg Amt, Denmark
    • Baptism: 4 Mar. 1860 in Veng Sogn, Hjelmslev Herred, Skanderborg Amt, Denmark
      • Maren Knudsen, b. 8 Jan., bapt. 4 Mar. 1860
        Parents: Smallholder Knud Emmertsen and wife Johanne Marie Pedersdatter, 31½ in Nr. Vissing.
        Witnesses: Smallholder Mads Pedersens Wife, Maiden Karen Marie Pedersen, Smallholder S. Hansen Flindt, Smallholder Jens Pedersen and Bachelor Anders Pedersen of Nr. Vissing.
    • Emigration: Here, the family of five travel from Copenhagen, Denmark to Hull, England, on board the steamer Cameo, 8 Sept. 1876: https://saintsbysea.lib.byu.edu/scandinavia/voyage/9

Maren Knudsen was entered as a foster daughter. She was 11 years old and no foster daughter. Her age seems incorrect, as she was born in 1860.
Maria Emmertsen, also 11, was correctly entered as a daughter, it is likely Kirsten Marie Emmertsen b. 2 Apr. 1864.
Jens Peter Emmertsen was 19, entered as a son.
Johanne Emmertsen, 47, was entered as a wife.
Knud Emmertsen, also 47, was entered as a farm owner.
(A big thanks to Shauna C. Anderson for this info).

Knud and Johanne Marie’s son, Emmert Emmertsen moved to Utah the next year, as he departed for England aboard the bark “Argo” on 21 June 1877. He was unmarried at the time.