Hansen, Jeppe Severin Brinch [1920]

Fathers father:
Fathers mother:
Mothers father:
Mothers mother:
Father: Søren Hansen [11841] (-)
Mother: Else Jørgensen [11842] (-)

Jeppe Severin Brinch Hansen [1920] (1766-1839)


  • Jeppe was my 3x tipoldefar (gggg grandfather)
  • Occupation: Skrædder (Tailor)
  • See also oppenhagen-branch-and-questions
  • Other names for Jeppe Severin Brinch Hansen was Severin Brinch, Severin Hansen, Jeppe Severin Brink Hansen, Severin Hansen Brinch and Severin Skræder.
    • Census 1801, Fredericia Købstad, Kiøbmagergade 227, Elbo, Vejle, Denmark
Severin Hansen, 38, Gift, Hosbonde, Skræder
Catharina Oppenhagen, 43, Gift, Hans kone 
Anna Maria Hansen, 11, Ugift, Hendes datter
Andreas Oppenhagen, 7, Ugift, Deres søn
Søren Hansen, 5, Ugift, Deres søn
Jost, 2, Ugift, Deres søn
    • Census 18 feb. 1834, Fredericia Købstad, Kiøbmagergade 227, Elbo, Vejle

Søren Hansen, 37, gift, Skræddermester
Else Jørgensen, 24, gift, hans Kone
Kirstine Dorthea Hansen, 3, ugift, deres børn
Severine Hansen, 1, ugift, deres børn
Severin Hansen, 68, gift, Huusfaderens Forældre
Catharina Dorthea Oppenhagen, 74, gift, Huusfaderens Forældre
desuden læredrenge m.fl.

    • The above census for 1834, Fredericia Købstad, Kiøbmagergade 227, Elbo, Vejle names the widow Cathrina Dorthea and Severin Brinth, engaged 1 May 1792. Guarantor is Just Andresen Oppenhagen.
    • In the birth record for the son, Andreas Oppenhagen in 1795 (Fredericia Trinitatis 1685 – 1805, opslag 332, 1st column, entry no 4), the father is called Sevrin Hansen Brinch.