Hansen, Otto Severin [1934] in English

Fathers fathers fathers father: Søren Hansen [11841]
Fathers fathers fathers mother: Else Jørgensen [11842] ?
Fathers fathers mothers father: Just Andreasen Oppenhagen [1926] (1734-1807)
Fathers fathers mothers mother: Cathrina Dorothea Hoffreuter [1927] (1735-1811)
Fathers mothers fathers father:
Fathers mothers fathers mother:
Fathers mothers mothers father: Peder Jensen Windelboe [2234] (Abt. 1743-1790)
Fathers mothers mothers mother: Bodil Johansdatter [2235] (1740-1811)
Mothers fathers fathers father: Niels Giermandsen [8937] (1744-)
Mothers fathers fathers mother: Maren Andersdatter [8938] (1731-1808)
Mothers fathers mothers father: Georg Friedrich Dröhse [8948] (1729-1818)
Mothers fathers mothers mother: Elisabeth Gertrud Ladehoff [10681] (-1785)
Mothers mothers fathers father: Hans Laursen [8955] (Abt. 1754-)
Mothers mothers fathers mother: Abelone Christensdatter [8956] (Abt. 1758-)
Mothers mothers mothers father:
Mothers mothers mothers mother:
Fathers fathers father: Jeppe Severin Brinch Hansen [1920] (Ca. 1766-1839)
Fathers fathers mother:
Cathrine Dorthea Justdatter Oppenhagen [1921] (1759-1853)
Fathers mothers father: Gregers Michelsen [2083]
Fathers mothers mother: Mette Cathrine Pedersdatter Windelboe [2082] (1772-)
Mothers fathers father: Gierman Nielsen [8934] (1769-1851)
Mothers fathers mother: Eleonore Lovise Dröhse [8947] (1766-1823)
Mothers mothers father: Laurs Hansen [8945] (Abt. 1781-)
Mothers mothers mother: Kirstine Jørgensdatter [8946]
Fathers father:
Andreas Oppenhagen Hansen [1924] (1795-1880)
Fathers mother:
Bodil Kirstine Gregersen [1931] (1799-1863)
Mothers father:
Michel Giermansen Dröhse [2240]
Mothers mother:
Abelone Laursdatter [2241]
Severin Oppenhagen Hansen [1932] (1834-1905)
Eleonore Lovise Kirstine Dröhse [1933] (1844-)

Otto Severin Hansen [1934] (1870-1951)


  • Otto was the great-grandchild of my 4x great-grandparents, tailor Jeppe Severin Brinch Hansen, [1920] and Cathrine Dorthea Justdatter Oppenhagen [1921], who lived in Fredericia, Elbo, Vejle, Denmark
    • About Otto, his brother Andrew Oppenhagen Hansen Sr. [2084] and sister Louisa Eleanor Hansen [2086]:

“In 1900, Otto is living in Wyandotte county with his sister, Louisa and his brother-in-law, Hans Nisson. His brother, Andrew and wife, Elizabeth are living down the street and Morty Green and Ann Johnson are also in the neighborhood. Louisa soon dies and Otto is soon married with an instant family.”
(Information kindly supplied by Scott Hansen [2131])

    • About Otto Severin Hansen:

”Remember several weeks when we searched for dad’s marker at Maple Hill cemetery, and we found a marker with “Ellen B. Hansen’s name”. Today Carolyn and I went back to the office and found out that a “Otto Hansen” died on April 11, 1951 and was buried on the right side of “Ellen B. Hansen’s” marker. There is no marker for “Otto Hansen”. This must be our grandfather and grandmother because her dates matched with the dates you had down. Also the office showed funeral name for the “Otto Hansen”, it was “Newcomers Funeral Home at 1331 Brushcreek blvd, Kansas City Missouri.”

(Message from Harry Robert Hansen [2246], grandson of Otto Severin Hansen, information from Office of Maple Hill cemetery, Kansas City, Kansas, edited by H.R. Hansen)


  • Born: 28 mar. 1870, Bloomington, Illinois, USA
  • Baptised:
  • Marriage: 1903, Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas, USA, to Ellen “Ella” B. Johnson [2093], daughter of William Wallace Johnson Sr. [2094] and Violette Jane Knight [2095]. Ellen was born 1882, and died 1934.
    Ellen was born May 1882 in Green City, Missouri, USA and died 15 Mar. 1934 in Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas, USA.
  • Children:
    • Hansen, William George Sr. [2097]
    • Hansen, Sophia Pauline [2102]
    • Hansen, Otto Severin [2101]
    • Hansen, Eugene Drofern [2100]
    • Hansen, James Wallace Sr.[2096]
    • Hansen, Andrew [2099]
    • Hansen, Herbert Howard [2098]
  • Died: 11 apr. 1951, Kansas City, Wyandotte County, Kansas, USA
  • Buried:


    • Correspondance with Mary Helen Hansen [2247], granddaughter of Otto Severin Hansen.
    • Information supplied by Scott Hansen
    • Message from Harry Robert Hansen [2246], grandson of Otto Severin Hansen