Oppenhagen, Andreas Justesen [1928]

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Just Oppenhagen [4853] (omkr. 1665-1728)
Mother: Dille
Deetsche Johansdatter [8630] (-1693)

Andreas Justesen Oppenhagen [1928] (1692-1739)


  • Andreas is also seen as Andres
  • Andreas had, outside of the in the probate below mentioned siblings, a half brother Christian [4304], whose mother was Birgitte Johansdatter [8631], the 2nd wife of his father, and he also had a half sister Marike Andersdatter [10168], from his mother’s 1st marriage to a Anders ? [10167].
  • The father, Just Oppenhagen [4853]s probate: Fredericia Købstad Skifteprotokol, Protokol nr.5, 1725-1741, B 72-162, Skifte Nr. 456 Just Oppenhagen, brolægger [street paver] in Fredericia. 17.8.1728, fol.148.

Enke [Widow]: Birgitte Johansdatter. Lavværge [Guardian]: Niels Iversen Erritsø, købmand [merchant].
Første ægteskab med [First marriage to deceased] Dille Deetsche Johansdatter, skifte 4.11.1693 lbnr.107. 
1) Gerhard Oppenhagen, 40, in Danzig [4858]
2) Johan Oppenhagen, weaver [4854]
3) Just Oppenhagen [4859]
4) Andreas Just Oppenhagen [1928]

  • About Desche Hermansdatter:

Desche (Dedske) Hermansdatters baptism

Desche Hermansdatter betroathed to Andreas Oppenhagen

Might her father be Hermand Wæfver/Wæver? A man by that name is dead/buried 29 Oct. 1735. Since the Oppenhagens are all weavers and tailor, it seems likely


  • Born: Omkr. Maj 1692 Fredericia Trinitatis, Elbo, Vejle
  • Baptised: 8 Maj 1692 Fredericia Trinitatis, Elbo, Vejle

Just Broliggers Søn Andres
Susceptr: Ellen Richters
Claus Dittmar,
Daniell Kellinghuus,
Frantz Kraas,
Hans Blytækkers Hustru,
Jørgen ?appers Hustru,
Anne Pedersdatter