Oppenhagen, Just [4853] in English

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Just Oppenhagen [4853] (Omkr. 1665 -1728)


  • The town Fredericia was called Frederiksodde from 1652 until 1664. Before 1652 it was simply mentioned as “Den ny Købstad og Fæstning ved Bersodde”.
  • Also known as Just Broligger, Jost Oppenhagen, Joost Offenhagen, and also at his 2nd marriage Just von Hagen, but the latter is not seen previously, nor later.
  • Occupation: Brolægger (street paver).
  • He was almost certainly born abroad, most likely in Beeke, Becke or Becken, Nord-Rhein, Westfalen, Germany. It may be the city Becken near Gummersbach, approximately 55 kms east of Köln (Cologne).
  • There is a bit of confusion about the name Oppenhagen, as many of them are relatively far back in time, and because they are rarely called by their full name in probates and church records (their middle names were rarely used in official documents), and also because several of them have the same given name. I believe I have it right by now though. These precautions taken into consideration, the branch(-es) probably looks like this, counting 12 generations, and 401 persons in 7 countries: USA, UK, Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Netherland and Poland – quite a large family. So Just Oppenhagen [4853] and Dille Deetsche Johansdatter [8630] are in fact the oldest known founders of this whole family branch in Denmark.


  • Born: Est. abt. 1665
  • Baptised:
  • Citizenship in the City of Fredericia: 1685

King Frederik III established Fredericia in 1650, known by the name Bersodde or Bredsodde, and from 1661 Frederiksodde, and gave the town 50 years of freedom from taxes, customs and octroi (accise), so that “dets Egne, og endog fremmede, som der tage Borgerskab, nyde bem. Friheder, og til den Ende kunde de derom melde sig hos Rigens Marsk Anders Bilde med viidere”. From 1661 the town was declared a staple town (Stabelstad) with “Friehed for Skatter, Told, Accise og Egter i 10 Aar, og siden at betale det halve i 20 Aar med videre, som samme Privilegier; der bestaar af nie Poster og ere tryckte iblandt Forordninger, indeholder.”
Further: “Et og Tyve Aar derefter, neml: 1682 d. 11. Martij gav K. Christian den 5. Staden nye anseelige Privilegier, som bestaar af 25 Poster og ligeledes findes tryckt iblandt de aarlige Forordninger, giorde den ligesom forhen til en Stabelstad, gav den Ober-Rett, tredive Aars Friheder, tillod alle Religioners frie Øvelse, jus asyli med viidere; Siden er Stadens Frihed for Consumption i mange Aar bleven all: bevilget, og endnu alleene betaler det halve, saa at denne Stad er den eneste i heele Danmark, som denne høy kongelig Naade er forundt.”

  • Marriage (1): Abt. 1684.1685. Just got married to Dille Deetsche Johansdatter [8630]. She had a daughter from her first marriage, Marike Andersdatter (b. ca. 1673). Dille Deetsche died ca. 1693.
  • Children with Dille Deetsche:
    • Oppenhagen, Johan Justesen [4854] (1687-1759)
    • Oppenhagen, Gerhard [4858] (1685/88-)
    • Oppenhagen, Just [4859] (1689-1741)
    • Oppenhagen, Andreas Justesen [1928] (ca. 1692-1739)
  • Betrothal and marriage (2): 15 Dec. 1693. Just Oppenhagen was betrothed to Birgitte Johansdatter [8631] (The surname von Hagen is previously not seen in the family but may be a simple error). They married 14 Feb. 1694.

Trolovede den 15 Dec. 1693
Copulerede den 14 Feb. 1694
“Just von Hagen og Birgitte Johansdatter
Trolovede paa Johan Wæfvers og Rasmus Pedersens forløsen”?
[Might Johan Wæfver be her father?]

  • Child with Birgitte:
    • Christian Justesen Oppenhagen [4304] (1695-1737)
  • Died: 10 Jan. 1728, Fredericia Trinitatis, Elbo, Vejle
  • Buried: 13 Jan. 1728, Fredericia Trinitatis, Elbo, Vejle
  • Probate after Just Oppenhagen: 17. Aug. 1728. Fredericia Købstad Skifteprotokol, Just Oppenhagen, street paver in Fredericia:

Enke (Widow): Birgitte Johansdatter. Lavværge (Guardian): Niels Iversen Erritsø, købmand.
Første ægteskab med Dille Deetsche Johansdatter, (skifte 4.11.1693 lbnr.107).
Børn (Children):
1) Gerhard Oppenhagen, 40, in Danzig (also known as Gert]
2) Johan Oppenhagen, weaver (must be Johan Justesen Oppenhagen [4854], also known as Johan Wæver)
3) Just Oppenhagen (must be Just Justesen Oppenhagen [4859])
4) Andreas Just Oppenhagen (must be Andreas Justesen Oppenhagen [1928], also known as Anders)

  • Probate after his 1st wife Dille Deetsche Johansdatter. 107 Sille Deetsche Johansdatter i Fredericia. 4.11.1693, fol. 240.

E (widower): Just Oppenhagen, brolægger. B (children): Gert 9, Johannes 7, Just 5, Anders 1½. [They were Gerhard, Johan Just and Andreas]
Af første ægteskab B: [Child from Dille Deetsche‘s 1st marriage] Marike Andersdatter 19.