Pedersdatter, Johanne Marie [1981] in English

Mothers fathers father:
Mothers fathers mother:
Mothers mothers father:
Mothers mothers mother:
Fathers fathers father:
Fathers fathers mother:
Fathers mothersfather:
Fathers mothers mother:
Mothers father: Jens Rasmussen [5436] (-)
Mothers mother: Karen Andersdatter [5437] (-)
Fathers father: Mads Pedersen [146] (1776-1846)
Fathers mother: Johanne Andersdatter [147] (1776-1851)
Father: Peder Madsen [141] (1800-1887)
Mother: Maren Jensdatter [142] (Ca. 1797-1887)

Johanne Marie Pedersdatter [1981] (1828-1919)


  • Johannes familysearch page:
  • Johanne was a sister to my fathers mothers father (farmors faster).
  • Knud Emmertsen and his family may possibly be the reason that my fathers mothers brother was baptised Emmerth, and my fathers 2nd middle name, Emmerth.
  • That Knud and Johanne emigrated to the USA may possibly be the reason, that my fathers mothers father, Anders Pedersen (Johanne’s brother) applied for, and was granted, citizenship in USA (New York).
  • The last names of the children in the censuses beklow are different because a new name law was made around 1856. However, it was not followed with complete consequence all over the country right away.
  • She may have lost her eyesight in her old days.
  • From the parish departure list, Veng, Hjelmslev, Skanderborg 30 apr. 1853:

Joh. Marie Pedersdatter, 24½ years old,
(handling) from Lodger? P. Matzen in Nr. Vissing
(where moved) Neder Hovedgaard in Kattrup Sogn
(Alm. Jvnf.reg.) 208-78
(Anm.) 30 apr. 1853

  • From the parish departure list, Veng, Hjelmslev, Skanderborg 31 okt. 1854:

Joh. Marie Pedersdatter, 26 år,
(handling) from ? P. Matzen Do [Nr. Vissing]
(where moved) Hovergaard
(Alm. Jvnf.reg.) 210-88
(Anm.) 31 oct. 1854

  • Census 1860: Skanderborg, Hjelmslev, Veng, Nørre Vissing

Knud Emmertsen 31, married , Carpenter, wright, joiner, Torsager S., Randers A.
Johanne Marie Peders. 32, married, his wife, b. here in the parish
Emmert Knudsen, 5, unmarried [their son] here in the parish
Jens Peter Knudsen, 3, unmarried [their son], [here in the parish]
Maren Knudsen, 1, unmarried [their daughter], [here in the parish]

  • Census 1870: Århus Købstads Sogn, Nørrebrogade 33

Knud Emmertsen, M, 40, married, Thorsager Randers, head, master carpenter
Johanne Emmertsen, F, 41, married, Veng Skanderborg, housewife
Emmert Emmertsen, M, 14, unmarried, Veng Skanderborg, child
Jens Peter Emmertsen, M, 12, unmarried, Veng Skanderborg, child
Maren Emmertsen, F, 10, unmarried, Veng Skanderborg, child
Kirsten Emmertsen, F, 5, unmarried, Veng Skanderborg, child

  • Rejsen fra Liverpool til New York, 13 Sep 1876 – 23 Sep 1876 med skibet Wyoming

A Compilation of General Voyage Notes

“DEPARTURE OF THE THIRD COMPANY. — The third company of this year’s emigration, numbering 322 souls, including 13 returning missionaries, and Elders George Whitehead and James Woolstenhulm, who had been visiting England, left Liverpool per S. S. Wyoming, on Wednesday, 13th instant at 3:30 p.m., in charge of Elder William L. Binder; all in excellent health and spirits. We wish them a safe, pleasant, and prosperous journey.
NAMES OF RETURNING MISSIONARIES. — William L. Binder; Thomas Callister, James T. Belliston, Edward W. Clark, John Hawkins, David Bullock, Peter Bell, Henry Parker, Soren Petersen, John M. Larsen, Mads Christensen, John N. Larsen, and N. H. Gronlund.”

MS, 38:38 (Sep. 18, 1876), pp. 602-03
“Wed. 13. [Sep. 1876] — The steamship Wyoming sailed from Liverpool, England, with 322 Saints, in charge of William L. Binder. The company arrived at New York Sep. 23rd, and at Salt Lake City Oct. 3rd.”

“. . . A company of 150 emigrating Saints left Copenhagen by the steamer ‘Cameo,’ Sept. 8, 1876, together with the following returning elders: Soren L. Peterson (leader), Mads Christensen, John M. Larsen of Salt Lake City, Nils J. Gronlund and John N. Larson of Moroni. After a voyage of 61 hours the ‘Cameo’ arrived in Hull, Sunday, Sept. 10th, at 8 p.m. The following day, the emigrants were conveyed by train to Liverpool, where they, together with other emigrating Saints and returning missionaries, embarked on the steamer ‘Wyoming’ and sailed on the 13th. After a successful voyage of the ten days, they landed safely in New York. Elder William L. Binder was leader of the whole company, which left Jersey City by railroad train for Salt Lake City, where they arrived Oct. 3rd. One death occurred on the train. . . .”

  • Census 1910: Ogden Ward 4, Weber Co., Utah, USA

Emertson, Johanah M.
Mother of four
81 years old
7 children born
4 children alive
Immigrated 1876
spoke Danish
no profession
can read and write

  • From the newspaper The Daily Standard in Ogden, 5 Apr. 1910:

Johanna Emmertson and Mary Emmertson Mires have filed a petition in the probate division  of the district court for the Issuance of letters of administration to the latter in estate of Knud Emmertson, deceased. The deceased died at Huntsville, June 25, 1909, and left an estate values at $1,000. The heirs are the wife and four children.


    • Born: 31 Aug. 1828, Nr. Vissing, Veng Sogn, Hjelmslev Herred, Skanderborg Amt
    • Baptised: 7 Sep. 1828, Veng Sogn, Hjelmslev Herred, Skanderborg Amt
    • Confirmated: 1843, Veng Sogn, Hjelmslev, Skanderborg

Johanne Marie Pedersdatter i Vissing
[Daughter of] Crofter Peder Madsen and Wife Maren Jensdatter of Vissing
[The Confirm.] Born 31 aug. 1828, bapt. 7 Sept. 1828.
[Knowledge and conduct] mg and mg [very good] and [very good]
[Vaccinated by] Mr. Grill 10 okt. 1828

    • Marriage: 18 Feb. 1855, Kattrup Kirke, Kattrup, Voer, Skanderborg to Knud Emmertsen [10215], son of Emmert Emmertsen [10216] and Kirsten Knudsdatter [10217]. Knud was born 24 mar. 1829, Faarup, Nørhald, Randers, bapt. 17 Maj 1829 in Thorsager, Øster Lisbjerg, Randers, and died 28 Jun. 1909 in Huntsville, Weber, Utah, USA.

Ungkarl Knud Emmertsen tjenende paa Neder Hovedgaard, 26 Aar, født i Faarup 24 Marts 1829. vacc. 2 Aug. 1832 af Nave?, confirm. 1843 i Thorsager Kirke.
Pigen Johanne Marie Pedersd. tjenende paa Neder Hovedgaard, 26 Aar, født i Wissing 31 August 1828; confirm. i Wenge Kirke 1843.
Forloverne: Stephan Voigt, Carl Jensen
Bachelor Knud Emmertsen serving at Neder Hovedgaard, 26 y.o., born in Faarup 24 Mar. 1829, vacc, 2 Aug. 1832 by Nave?, confirm. 1843 in Thorsager Church.
Maiden Johanne Marie Pedersd. serving at Neder Hovedgaard, 26 y.o., born in Wissing 31 August 1828, confirm. in Wenge [Venge/Veng] Church 1843.